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hi. I‘m Marlene Dietrich &

welcome to my little artworld!


"What would you do with your

life if you had no fear?" 

It was that game-changing question I got asked by a friend after I finished my studies in Design and Innovation.

„I would paint. I would create. I would play with materials, test art techniques and mix colours as I used to when I was a child.“ 


And so here I am - daring to live my passion for art & sharing my creative journey with you. 




Art through inspiration.

Inspiration through nature.

Being an avid traveller and outdoor lover, I was always thinking of nature as a "big studio" with the richest colour palette and endless sources of inspiration.


Especially water has always fascinated me. You will find similarities of soft and dynamic shapes, elegant waves and shining gold reflections in my ocean-inspired paintings. Creating minimalistic, abstract art with fluid materials is like feeling the ocean breeze on a warm summer day - you let it go and flow with the vibe of shining waters.


Different techniques with alcohol ink, resin and acrylics give me all the opportunities to create originals on paper, canvas or ceramics. And what I love most: Every piece is as unique as each single wave in the ocean.

 me for YOUR unique piece of art.

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